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Gambito Crime Family: A Gambit Prime Clan and Community

Mission Statement

We are the top English-speaking Gambit Prime clan.

We also run a discord community with most of the top US, Canadian, European, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Southeast Asian players. Our Discord is a community of high level, competitive gambit prime and gambit players regardless of clan affiliation. We play in-game matchmaking, organized scrims and are considering league play.

Discord and information is at

Even though our favorite pastime activity is stomping in Gambit Prime, we're accomplished in all game modes, 100k+ triumph scores and have the trials, crucible and raid seals.

We are open and welcoming to new members. We're an international and diverse group of people: hate speech of any kind and all the -isms are not tolerated.

Gambit Primeは懸命に働いています。日本のゲーマーも大歓迎です。

Gambit Prime은 우리의 일입니다. 한국 게이머도 환영합니다.

Member status and team openings are for Reckoners, Dredgens with at least one Triumphant Emblem and a matching set, and Unbrokens/Flawless with an invader set.

Members are expected to play at a high, competitive level of team play.




18th Sep 2020 - 6:51am

hello im looking to join this clan and im a 12 year old that plays apex i would say im above average and im a ps4 user im my username is It5meJOC_TTV ( i forgot if its with underscore or not)