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Galvanized Gaming

Mission Statement

Galvanized Gaming is a new community (so if you want something fully established this may not be the place for you)

Galvanized Gaming is a new gaming community that hopes to unite casual and competitive players. Joining is simple, just join the Discord, introduce yourself and list the games you play. You'll be given a rank for each game that you play to help others identify users of a similar game interest. We welcome people who play all games and our goal is to make it as easy as possible to find players of a similar skill level to team with! I started Galvanized Gaming with the hopes of expanding to all consoles and having an active community in each popular game title! 


Destiny 2
Oldschool Runescape
Call of Duty
League of Legends
World of Warcraft
any many more!

Requirements to join:

Be at least 18 years of age
Microphone + Discord access is required


When you join you MUST list games that you are actively looking for others to play to make the process easier.
No political discussions, no racism, no sexism, no flaming, no immaturity.
We have the right to kick anyone at any time.
No promoting other clans/communities.

Activity is key in Galvanized Gaming, although it is not required. If the owners/admins notice that you have been inactive in a specific game we will temporarily remove that game under your profile to promote new members finding other active players to play with.

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