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Fortnite Friendly

Mission Statement


Welcome to the Fortnite Friendly Esports Community. We are a new and fast growing Esports Community looking to recruit any competitive and mature gamer above the age of 13. Fortnite Friendly is not just a Competitive Community for gamers but also a place for news on leaks and updates coming to game.  We require you to be an active member of the discord even if you are not playing fortnite.

Reason to join

This is a community where players that want to grow and get recognized inside the Esports community can come to play. Here we compete in scrims and tournaments. Also we play with others that are not in the community . We strive to grow and become a recognized esports community and get offered to travel out to Esports competitions. We require all members to be in and active on the discord and that they are going to contribute to the future of the clan.


How to join:

Interested in joining Fortnite Friendly please make sure that you meet requirements:

  • Have a working microphone.
  • Be active on Discord.
  • You are at least 14 years of age.
  • You are willing to follow all the rules listed on the Discord server.
  • You are willing to be patient
  • Your are willing to work with a team
  • And be respectful to all staff and members.
  • Not required but recommended youtuber or streamer  


We thank you for your time of reading this and we hope you consider joining Alpha Clan today