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Fortnite Clan Recruitment: Alpha (PC) (NA West)

Mission Statement

I envision Alpha to be a chill clan that enjoys both some competetive and casual play.
This clan is a Fortnite clan for NA West servers ONLY at the moment.


The requirements for this clan to begin tryouts are as follows:

- 2.0+ KDR
- Age 14+
- 100+ Wins (TOTAL)
Includes: 30+ Solos.
- PC (Recommended)
- Play on NA West Servers

1. Join the discord and read the "read-this" text channel and do as follows.

There are tiers in this clan. Tier 3 being lowest, and Tier 1 being the best.
Since this clan is new, not all members will start in Tier 3. (Some will be placed depending on how tryouts went)
Tier 1 is the main competetive team. This however does not mean it is only competetive, it is actually mostly casual play.
Tier 2 and 3 can also play in competetive events. All tiers may also participate in scrims between all Alpha members.
Main tournaments are UMG (Duos), Played on Tuesday, and Thursday at 5 PM West Coast time.

ALSO! Eventually there will be scouts playing with lower tiers (Tier 2 and Tier 3) They will decide whether or not we move
a player up a tier. All promotions go through me first to make sure it is fair and there is no favoring of friends. When a
scout refers promoting a player to me, I will play with both the scout and them, that way I can get a good idea.

Scouts will generally be TRUSTED Tier 1 players.

Any disrespect towards anyone on the team results in a warning. If this continues you will be immediately removed from
the discord and kicked from the clan. There will be no communication between us any longer. After 2 - 3 months, I will
determine whether you are allowed to re-tryout again, depending on the severity of the case.