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Forsaken Kingz

Mission Statement


Welcome ! 

If you are looking for a TALENTED and FUN-LOVING gaming community then you are in the right place! The Forsaken Kingz are looking for players like YOU to join our GROWING community of competitive and casual players. We pride ourselves at being the BEST up-and-coming gaming COMMUNITY and we look forward to you becoming a part of our legacy.


Check Us Out Below 👇 


YouTube :


We offer competitive for the games listed below :

🟥 Fortnite

🟥 Valorant

🟥 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


About Us :

Forsaken Kingz was formed to create a NON-TOXIC and PROFESSIONAL environment for those who like to game competitively. We focus on helping our members IMPROVE their GAMEPLAY and CAREER as the world of ESPORTS grows.


What We Offer :

✅ Experienced Video Editors

✅ Custom GFX Thumbnails, Banners, and Logo Designs 

✅ Scholarships

✅ Monthly Events 

✅ YouTube and Twitch Shoutouts

✅ Giveaways


How to Join ? 

Click the JOIN BUTTON above to join our DISCORD and read the How to Join chat room or MESSAGE our SOCIALS below with your IGN, a description of the game division you want to tryout for, and or your best in-game CLIPS / YouTube montage.


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