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Forged by Guardians

Mission Statement

Clan Forged by Guardians, for guardians. Got a busy life with family, working, etc? Want a friendly/active clan to chill and hang out with in-game or on clan Discord? Then you're in the right place! Raids, Nightfall, Progression, Crucible.


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14th Aug 2018 - 7:22pm

BIG NEWS CLAN! You can now become part of the Discord Server Community - MAMMOTH! You'll still be your own Clan, but all Partnered Clans will be sharing a Community Discord Server, Mammoth. This Discord Community Server is not a Clan, it is a special social space where members from all Clans can chat, run stats, create/join LFGs, etc... and in joining this Community it greatly increases your potential pool of active players without compromising your own Clan. As a partnered Community Clan, other Mammoth Clans will not accept "Clan-Switching". You will continue to recruit for your own Clan as normal and you'll keep your Clan Discord Server too, but Mammoth will now be the Central Hub for the majority of news & activities. Your Clan Admins will still be the same, but they'll now also be Admins on Mammoth. There is also a private LFG Channel for Elite players to assemble for Prestige Raids, quick runs, Trials, etc... and as other Clan members rise in experience they will be vetted to join the Channel as well. Please reach out to eolene (PSN) or eolene#0013 (Discord) to discuss becoming a Partnered Clan on Mammoth. Or join Defy Extinction's Discord server to discuss further. Thanks for your time!