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For The King Christian Gaming

Mission Statement

From 2004 to 2019

we are For The King.

We are a mature, clean and family friendly casual gaming community looking to expand our ranks! Here is a little more about who we are:

Christianity is not a Sunday morning religion, it is a choice to live as a follower of Christ in every aspect of our lives. However, this can be hard to achieve in a toxic environment like much of what the gaming culture has to offer. We exist as a place for Christians to come be a part of this world, but not be of the world (Rom. 12:2). It is a mature, clean and family friendly gaming and fellowship to take place. For The King began as Fear the Lord Christian Gaming back in 2004. Since then, we have made every effort to ensure that Christ is made much of through our community.

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20th Feb 2020 - 10:05pm

although I am 30 and have been a gamer since I can remember I am new to the clan thing. Just looking for some people I can game with when I get that chance that will be like-minded in faith and gaming. Googled Christian gamers and this was the first thing that came up so here I am. Could use a little guidance on how to get involved/ join. 


31st Mar 2019 - 2:03am

I have been looking for this for a long time! Such a great group! I absolutely love gaming. However, this Clan is great even if you game a bit and you want the social side. There is always something to do. Uplifting Christ in every way. I love it! I can’t add enough explanation points, lol. 


24th Feb 2019 - 1:20am

Are you guys active? I only see 25 members. If you are I'd be psyched to join. 


1st Feb 2019 - 5:17pm

I loved the idea of people being loyal to our Lord inside the gaming community, but I don't play the games that you guys play, could I join it anyway?Thanks and God bless you guys!


6th Feb 2019 - 3:36pm

Felipe, Sorry for the late response. I did not realize we could receive comments on here. Absolutely you can join up. As a multi-gaming community we play a number of games that are not listed. We have a written constitution that helps outline this, but essentially, we have supported games which meet certain requirements. These supported games include things such as a discord channel, forum sections, leadership structure, etc. However, we have numerous unsupported games that players still play together.

Aside from all of that we are a community first and a gaming clan/guild secondly. We are interested in building relationships. Afterall, we spend a good amount of time with each other. It would be like choosing to sleep on the floor instead of your bed because whats the difference? Well, sure you're getting sleep, but on your bed you'll be rested. Invest your time with people you actually want to be around haha

Look forward to seeing you around. Our forums are down for the next 24 hours for reconstruction but in the mean time swing in discord and say hi.