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Followers of Durandal

Mission Statement

Followers of Durandal - Xbox One - Eastern U.S.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Followers of Durandal has reached the 100 player cap! We have decided to make a second clan for new members to join. You will be behind on clan level for season 1, BUT you can join our growing Discord server where we are building a great friendly Destiny 2 community. The second clan is Followers of Traxus IV.

UESC is a place for people to get together and play Destiny while building friendships with one another.

We have a Discord server to allow for better communication between members.

We want to create an environment where players look to the clan for fire team members before reaching out to apps or forum posts. We want to master the Raids and all other content!

There are no requirements for joining or staying other than being able to play with East Coast players and be playing on XB1. Beginners will be made Members when they sign up for Discord.

Treat others with respect. We want anyone and everyone to feel safe and have fun here.

Go have fun Guardians!

Followers of Durandal join page: Here

Followers of Traxus IV join page: Here





301 Hunter, looking for a good, chill clan to have fun and play some D2. Play very regularly. Invite me, my GT is IsaacSolomon    . Cheers


300 Warlock (Main), 300 Titan, located on East Coast US, big Destiny 2 player, 22, looking for people to have fun with and do end game content.




I raid atleast once every week, usually twice. Usually play almost everyday, mostly at night. I currently have to transfer my weapons between ny characters until I get some duplicates, but with weapons on, my Hunter is 305, and my Titan is 304, Warlock isn't raid reasy yet, but will be soon. Have cleared raid multiple times. Looking for active clan that raids every week, and looking to get into Trials. Also, cool people. Been Destiny raiding since before Templar cheese.