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Fling - Singleplayer Cheat Trainer was last updated on 19.05.2020 and is available for download here in version 2.5.0.

With FLiNG PC trainer you can customize various values ​​in singleplayer games by cheat.
Megadev - Singleplayer Cheat Trainer
Megatrainer - Single Player Cheat Trainer
Cheats, so programs or entries that will normally indicate not accessible parameters, has been there for a long time. Although they are considered forbidden in multiplayer games, but for single players they offer a great way to adapt a game to their own needs. The Megatrainer offers a huge selection in this area.

Megatrainer: extensive cheat catalog

The megatrainer supports over 2,250 games and offers over 10,000 free cheats. The entire selection was programmed by Megadev from Munich itself and tested for a smooth operation. To use the offer of the program, you must first search the appropriate game. You can either go through the list or use the practical search bar.

On the games page, you must still select the client over which you want to start the game. Then you can start everything about the start button. The individual cheats can then be activated and deactivated by keyboard shortcuts. Best of all: The program can be used for free without an account. But as soon as you want to expand the offer and access more cheats, you need a fee-based membership.




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