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Flammable Pro Team

Mission Statement

Hey Guys! We are somewhat new Fortnite clan with Console and PC Players. Need more members. We had an old clan and only kept a couple members from it. Please join if your a god. You also get a cool discord logo if you join. You won’t regret it. We do scrims. 


Everybody is a giant competitive team. Must have a 0.9+ KD (with the acception of the Leader cuz he is on his brothers account)

NAE Servers

Must have a good KD

80+ Wins with at least 2 solos

Please change discord name to FPT_(Name)

If you don’t have discord yet but wanna tryout. My psn is JoeBeastleyYT and my epic is FPTBeastley. However if you get in you must get discord. Pls join, thx