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Ferrous Core

Mission Statement

An 18+ PC gaming community with an RNG problem; founded on Destiny 2, also playing The Division 2, FFXIV,  and other miscellaneous games, and continuing to recruit hobbyist players, awesome people, and anyone seeking to learn, adapt, and improve at this hobby of ours. 


About Us  

    Name: Ferrous Core
    Platform: PC
    Main Time Zone: EST / GMT-5
    Age Floor: 18+
    Average Age: 27.509 , Median 27. 
    Membership Total: Estimate ~400 active in game, half that consistently active in Discord. 1541 total unique across 3 primary games in ~3 years.
    Region Demographics: 83% Americas, 14% Europe, ~3% All-else
    (All figures as of June 10, 2020)

CORE was founded in advance of Destiny 2 by a group of friends and /r/fireteams acquaintances frustrated with past experiences in public lfg's and other communities. We came to the realization that to play in the community we wanted, we would need to build it ourselves. We're based on four principles of fun, teamwork, maturity and respect, and the priority of our real lives above all else.

To set expectations, we're a large group, you get out what you put in here. You've got to have an element of being willing to hang out in voice chat, meet and socialize with people, ask around our lfg channel for raids to get in on. If you join us (or any clan) just to lone wolf it, you're missing out on the best experiences this game offers. 

We use Discord for nearly everything, with a custom chatbot handling some admin overhead and game channels automatically hidden based on user opt-in roles. (So if you only play Division, you don't even have to see the Destiny channels) We also use private groups for each specific game we support for hours/days ahead raid and event scheduling. Generally speaking, our membership is primarily PvE focused, plus a strong Destiny PvP contingent also running internal tournaments, and across all our games we place emphasis on helping our members catch up to end game content. 

As to specific games, we are a PC-only community and currently support Destiny 2 and The Division 2. "Support" means dedicated channels, admins, and public recruiting to maintain a healthy playerbase. We also have a Miscellaneous Games category in Discord where we flex channels according to interest and flavor of the month, which has included Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, Diablo 3 and Path of Exile seasons, Final Fantasy XIV, Overwatch, Monster Hunter World, and Smash Ultimate.


Our principles:

1. Games are meant to be fun. Games are an escape, an entertaining and challenging diversion from our day to day lives. Thus, if you're not having fun playing in any given group, why are you playing with them? At Ferrous Core we're about mutual respect among adults while playing for good fights, good loot, and more tally marks in the win column.
2. Teamwork is overpowered. We are unashamed tryhards. We play to win, because victory and personal success in these digital realms is always more rewarding and fun than the alternative. We will joke and laugh and screw around, but all players here are expected to put on their game face and play hard when the caller says it’s time to be serious.
3. Maturity, Responsibility, and Self-Improvement. We seek to foster an environment in which players identify and take responsibility for their own actions and defects, and seek assistance in improving both their level of play and themselves at and away from the keyboard. It is only in cooperation and pushing each other to be better that any of us may reach our full potential, both as gamers and as human beings.
4. Real life always comes first. There might be some good-natured ribbing if you have to go tuck in your kid, kiss your SO, or let the dog out, but as much we love the games we play our meatspace lives and responsibilities always take priority.


Requirements and How to Join

    Platform: PC
    Age: 18+
    Language: English, conversational at minimum

Once you join our Discord and speak with a recruiter we tag you as an "Auxiliary" or green name; think of being an Auxiliary as a test drive. We want you to get a feel for the group, play with people, and hang out in Discord. During this time the Regulars (blue names) will review and vote for you in a private channel, and once you receive enough positive reviews you'll be elevated to the rank of Regular yourself. Once you convert to regular, if you need to go inactive and come back later, you'll retain all your old access and we will free up in game clan slots for you if necessary. 

To be clear, you get out what you put in here, if you're active in voice you'll be noticed for sure. If you just sign up but never talk and never party up with people, don't expect to be voted in. We place an emphasis on teamwork, improvement, and camaraderie; we're not about lone wolfing it.


Discord: , or direct links on our website


If you  think that Ferrous Core could be a good fit for you: join our Discord and message @Recruiters, or message me via username TheLancerMancer#3006. Once you get in touch we'll have a quick chat, ask you to fill out a Google Form to feed our admin spreadsheet, and our bot Sethlans will DM you some prompts to select your games, region, and other roles on our Discord. 

Cheers, and hope to see you in game!

/ Lancer





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15th Jun 2019 - 4:23pm

Ferrous Core is an amazing clan! I joined via an old destiny 1 friend who had recommended Ferrous and I can say it was a great choice. Everyone is beyond friendly and helpful! I have made so many new friends. The admins do an amazing job of keeping everything organized and run like a well-oiled machine. I really like that there are always people on to play with at anytime of the day/night. Again I cannot recommend this clan enough! We are like one big family at CORE. Hope to see you soon!


3rd Jun 2019 - 7:47pm

A clan is just a family you get to choose. Suraya Hawthorne casually says this in Destiny 2, and CORE definitely proved it to be true.

I'm proud to consider Ferrous CORE my online family. I've met a lot of great people through the clan, and I know I always have a place to come back to, even after long breaks. It's full of like-minded individuals who want to have fun in their favorite games. There's no drama in this clan, nor is it full of shitposting and a general lack of maturity- in fact I've never found a community that balances it better than CORE. It's a place to have fun and crack jokes with each other for sure, but at the end of the day it's also a community of adults who know how to have real conversations and get shit done.

I can't recommend it enough. Go CORE if you're looking for a welcoming, mature community full of skilled players. 


7th Feb 2019 - 5:09pm

Ferrous CORE is a great community - I came in as a new Destiny 2 player who was hesitant about doing group activities like strikes & raids, and I was met with lots of advice and support. The admins do a superb job fostering a non-toxic environment, and there are always people around to run raids, do pvp, give loadout advice, or whatever suits your fancy.