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Ferrous Core

Mission Statement

We are Ferrous Core, a clan founded specifically for Destiny 2 on the PC platform. We seek to foster an environment that spurs skilled play and self-improvement without losing sight of why we play in the first place: Fun.

Our playerbase consists of D1 vets moving to PC and D2 newbies alike. We're a pretty even split of PvE and PvP interests with a lot of crossover. Events wise we will be scheduling weekly raid nights of both the casual and serious/educational flavors once we are in full PC release, we have weekly Sherpa hangout and Trials events in the pipe, and will be scheduling other fun and themed event ideas. Multiple members of the group are actively playing PUBG, Fortnite, Overwatch, and D2 on console while we await the PC release date.

Hitting you with some numbers quick: thus far prior to PC release the number of users on our Discord at peak hours normally hovers around 50-60, with our total registered membership numbering 158 members, and an average and median age of 26. Most of our members are in North America, though we do have 34 Europeans and 12 in the SEA/APAC region. (all figures current as of October 16, 2017, sourced from Carbon bot and our recruitment Google form)

The majority of our clan communication is via Discord, voice and text, supplemented by a Shivtr site and forum for topics requiring more permanence.


CORE is founded upon four principles; these define the type of environment you can expect from us.

Games are meant to be fun. Games are an escape, an entertaining and challenging diversion from our day to day lives. If you're not having fun in any given group, why are you playing with them? At Ferrous Core we're about mutual respect among adults while playing for good fights, good loot, and more tally marks in the win column.

Teamwork is overpowered, so USE IT. We are unashamed tryhards. We play to win, because victory and personal success in these digital realms is always more rewarding and fun than the alternative. We will joke and laugh and screw around, but all players here are expected to put on their game faces and play hard when the caller says it’s time to be serious.

Maturity, Responsibility, and Self-Improvement. We seek to foster an environment in which players identify and take responsibility for their own actions and defects, and seek assistance in improving both their level of play and themselves at and away from the keyboard. It is only in cooperation and pushing each other to be better that any of us may reach our full potential, both as gamers and as human beings.

Real life always comes first. There might be some good natured ribbing if you have to go tuck in your kid, kiss your SO, or let the dog out, but as much we love the games we play our meatspace lives and responsibilities will always take priority.


Requirements and Application Process
Platform: PC 
Age: 18+ 
Language: English (conversational at minimum) 
We do not have any restrictions on region or timezones, but be aware that the majority of the group is in North America on Eastern Standard Time.

Discord: or 

Once you join our Discord we tag you as an Auxiliary so that all of our Regulars can tell at a glance that you're a new face. Think of being an Auxiliary as a "test drive" of CORE; we want you to get a feel for the group, play with people, and hang out in Discord. Our Regulars will get a feel for you and you of them. During this time the regulars will be reviewing you in a private channel, and if you receive enough positive reviews you'll be elevated to the rank of Regular yourself.

The voting thing sounds tougher than it actually is; just be active, be awesome, and you'll be noticed.

If you think that Ferrous Core could be a good fit for you: message TheLancerMancer#3006 on Discord, or u/TheLancerMancer on reddit. Once you get in touch with myself or another recruiter we'll have a quick chat to get to know each other, and then get your role/permissions sorted out on Discord.