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Federation of Legends

Mission Statement

The FED is a Destiny 2 clan on PS4 comprised of hard working adults and parents who value being able to escape into casual gaming.  We all grew up gaming, love the release, and The FED allows us to balance real life with digital life.  Banter and respect are cornerstones upon with we were built in 2014 and continue to this day.

We are always looking for a few good recruits who share our values and enjoy D2, win or lose (but winning is obviously more fun).  If you are +21 and looking to play Destiny 2 with a group of like-minded people, please let us know by sending us a join request.  The majority of our membership resides in North America in the EST (GMT +5) and CST time zones, though we also represent Scotland, which makes us happy because Scotch.  You should be able to find at least a few of our members on every night of the week.