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Fear and Terror [Clan] - Squad, Tarkov, Rainbow 6 Siege, Post Scriptum

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide a no-drama community filled with fun, engaging, tactical gameplay. We value teamwork and communication (and play the games that let us do just that). If you want to fight as a group with people who know how to play, join our discord today!

General Information:

  • Over 500 active members! (Accurate Number)

  • Have active communities in Squad, Post Scriptum, Escape From Tarkov, and Rainbow 6 Siege

  • Organized but chill environment

  • Consistent and active players in Squad, Post Scriptum, Escape From Tarkov, and Rainbow 6 Siege

  • No drama no bullshit attitude

Recruitment Qualifications:

  • Must be 18+ years old

  • Understand how to play and communicate as a unit

  • Needs a microphone

  • Mature, can follow directions

How to join [FaT]: (Seriously, it takes 5 minutes)

1. Join our Discord

2. Fill out an application in #click-here-to-join

3. A representative will contact you shortly

I appreciate everyone reading this considering FaT as their new community. If you are still on the fence, hop on our server or join up on our discord and see what we're like! We love teaching people how to play as well so don't be afraid if you're new!

How active is our group? Our group is very active. Most clans on this website have only 3-6 people on at a time. One of our main focuses is the activity, this is our discord during peak hours:


Full resolution discord picture:






19th Nov 2018 - 1:30pm

Great to finally see a clan playing War of rights ;) Such an under-rated game.