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Fallen Knights

Mission Statement

Fallen knights is comprised of veteran division player who love the game and played the first one for years.if u are looking for a chill clan where everyone is friendly and loves to play games then this clan is for you. the admins have know each other for years and all get along really well. we have fun together, we scream and curse at each other but at the end of the day we all treat each other like family.we accept all types of players. If u like to solo or u like to play with other players there is room for u in this community.


-dont be a di**

-dont rage quit

currently the clan is set to open so anyone can join but it wont stay open the whole time. we will set up a application system when we start to reach the max limit. so we can add people who play and kick those who dont put in the their fair share.


just search 'Fallen Knights' in the clan section in-game