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EZAF Gaming

Mission Statement


We are a humorous gaming team based in all regions! We value community and friendship.
We have 3 different teams, Casual, Elite, and Champions! (Before you click off the champions role is for those who don't like big clans and have the skill)

Casual team requirements Please Note there is no age requirement for Casual teams

We have absolutely no requirements for all our casual teams!

Comp team requirements Please Note there is no age requirement for Elite teams


  • 150+ wins (or 2+ K/D over the last 2 seasons)
  • try-out by a tryout helper, moderator or owner. (first to 4)


  • Beat Owner at parkour, building and PvP
  • or have a hardcore server for 2+ months


  • Carry the owner to a victory

Rocket League

  • Win against the owner in 1v1 duel

Apex Legends

Win 3/6 Games with an Apex Legends Tryout Helper



  • Tryout By Tryout helper


Fortnite champions team requirements

  • 650+ Wins
  • 5+ K/D
  • 14 years or older
  • Must compete in tourneys

More Clan Info:

    We accept players of all ages, not many clans allow younger players. That's why I a made EZAF, its a team for everyone. For those who do not like teams with many people, I've added champions role, a role for those sweaty TTV's. The requirements may go up as people become better. But anyways, we do accept clan wars. Depending on the decency of the clan casual players may be able to compete, no age requirement there. For Cash-Prize Tournaments you must be above 13 to compete. Due to the law.


      • Fortnite
      • Minecraft
      • PubG
      • Rocket League
      • Apex legends
      • CS:GO

      More Questions?

      Contact [email protected]






      Clan Upvotes



      1st Oct 2019 - 3:00pm


      we're doing an apex legends tournament if somebody is interested? prize is 100€ just pm me?! i think i can't post a link^^