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Ex0 Clan

Mission Statement

Hello we are Ex0 Clan. Our clan are fairly talented and would be delighted to have you join, we have a few pro players who are in the championship division and we hope to expand our clan and find more people like us however if you are just looking for a casual clan. We have a casual role just for people who don’t take the game to seriously but want to be apart of a clan. Thank you reading and I really hope you do take joining our clan (which is our discord) into consideration. Thank you for your time



Ex0 Clan

16th Apr 2019 - 12:07am

Hello we are the Ex0 Clan and we would be delighted to have on board our clan for looks like a bright future for us! Our clan is both competitive and casual with both types of players joining us daily. We are mainly based in Europe but hope to have both a Europe and North American pro scrim team within a month 

Thank you for reading this and i really hope you take into consideration joining our clan discord