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[EU/UK] Addicted To Loot [18+]

Mission Statement

[Please be Age: 18+/ Guy or Gal Welcomed]

(We are getting raid ready for 'The Division 2' if you are interested please join!

2 spots left for one team)

Addicted To Loot is a EU/UK clan, looking for more members.

We are quite relaxed players with a good sense of humour, looking to expand our clan with like minded people.

Addicted To Loot is also a multi-gaming community clan!
We are Addicted To Loot, we love loot, you love loot, we all love loot!

We have been around for a year now and are looking to add new members to our crazy bunch!

Please be social on discord with other clan members and be Active please, if you are inactive you will be kick.

Join our Clan at:




27th Nov 2017 - 1:35pm

Hey, new to Destiny, but looking for people to have fun with and do some raiding. 21 year old male, based in EU, have mic and discord. Add me Liveira#2371, if you wanna know more. Have sent an application!


3rd Nov 2017 - 8:23pm

Hey there, real life friend of a clan member, looking to join if possible for raid content. Male, 36, lvl 285, mic =)

Know you're closed to new members, but would be great to be able to raid with you all if you open more slots =) 


2nd Nov 2017 - 9:22pm



If you have any places left- UK 19yrold with mic and discord looking for a UK/EU clan- not experienced in destiny but longtime wow player in a guild