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Mission Statement


We are the Espers we are a clan that try's our best we are looking forward to meet new people in our clan. If your looking to join make sure to join our discord if the discord doesn't work please friend our owners Acid#7684 Xero#7132

We are a family that doesn't like toxic people who will ruin clan members games. Toxic people don't deserve to be in this clan.

We are a family that will grow more and everyone deserves to be in this clan even if your a starter we will help you play.

We are sponsored by 

Rouge energy: use code ESPERS for 10% off

link to rouge energy:…

herers our new sponsor

  We are also looking for these type of members..

  • Active
  • serious members
  • positive 

Something new that we are doing

  • Boxfights (3v3,2v2, and 1v1)
  • Game Night
  • GiveAways                    

There's more info coming out..


New Partnership with Team Pixel





14th Jan 2020 - 1:24pm

Hi ESPER my name is yguy ive been playing fortnite since season7. I concider myself as pretty good player but i cant bulid that good so i hope that ia can have some fun with you guy. (if you take me in)


2nd Sep 2019 - 12:31pm

Hey, I was wondering if you would be interested in merging your clan with ours (Team HEXAGON). While we have many members, we don't have a competitive branch yet so it would be great if you would consider it. 

If you're interested, DM me on Discord (HEX_disfa) at