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Erased eSports (ERS)

Mission Statement

Are you looking for a new clan to join, or just want to make new friends while also getting better at the games that you play? Well then, ERS Gaming is just for you! With a growing community with new members added every day, you are sure to find what you are looking for in a clan! We will host many custom games and creatives to satisfy every member of our Discord!


ERS Gaming was founded in February of 2019 and has gone through many low and high times, with many of the members have been in the clan since the OG days. We will make sure you have a pleasant experience with our clan and will help you out! If you want to join, just join the Discord and speak to an upper rank.


We host many events throughout the time you will be in the Discord, including the following (but not limited) below:

  • Custom Scrims
  • Custom Matchmaking
  • Creative Wars
  • Clan Wars
  • Clan Battles

Great! If you’ve read throughout this, you are just a little bit interested – might as well join the Discord lol.

Hey…. If you want to... Here are our social platforms below! Give us a follow or subscription if you would like to!

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