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Enervate Esports

Mission Statement


Enervate Esports is an 18+ gaming community founded on December 20th, 2020. We have established ourselves because we found that other communities did not meet our needs or did not play the games we did. We wanted to create our own place to welcome gamers of any background to hang out or play on teams with us.

We don't do clan applications, minimum game time, or a ranking system. As of right now, we support four games! Fortnite, COD: Cold War & Warzone, and Rocket League. This will change over time as we will be adding more games.



We request that all members are active within 30 days. We understand life happens, so if anything requires longer than 30 days inactive, please let a member of staff know.



This clan is run by both a male and female founder. As the first female in the group, I can personally promise you I will not allow toxic behavior that you may typically find in clans or games. This includes the type of females who demand male attention in discords as well. We are all tired of it, and just want to play games. This is the place to be safe from it all.



Currently, our teams are NA only, but we promise that will change and open up as soon as we get the members and staff needed to expand. 


Currently Looking For

  • GFX and VFX leads
  • GFX and VFX team
  • Team Captains
  • Admins
  • Mods
  • Team Members
  • Casual Players
  • Competitive Players


How To Join

Click the join or discord button.



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