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The Einherjar Vanguard [TEV]

Mission Statement

Who Are We?

We are a community of gamers who enjoy the company of like minded individuals. Our Clan spans different games to keep our community alive as peoples interests in games can change over time.

Our clan offers a highly active Discord channel which has a mature yet fun and relaxed atmosphere for all ages. We have a number of dedicated Admins that keep everything interesting and keep the peace. Most importantly the Admins offer assistance in a number of different games and they are always up to help out new players or even test the wits of the more seasoned members.

Within our Discord channel we have organised a number of categories for all the games that we play and even have a number of voice channel's for in-game specific events. Along with this, we have a Destiny 2 specific Bot which will give you interesting facts and stats on your Bungie account, whether that be your K/D ratio or your PVE stats. We also have a Warframe Bot which will give you updates on all in-game alerts such as relic runs, invasions and Cetus's day and night cycle.

What We Offer Outside Our MMO's

We also have a Steam group which allows members to play various other games, keeping the ability to stay connected. Here, members can hook up and keep there friendships alive in the numerous games Steam has to offer, we understand sometimes people want to play other games.

What Region Are We In?

We are a European based clan, however we have a number of members who are outside of this region. We don't have a problem with members joining us from outside of Europe as long as they are active and are able to play within our time zones. All members are assigned a time zone role when entering our Discord channel to help them identify other members within their time zone.

What Timezone Do We Operate In?

We organise all clan events within the GMT time zone.


Clan Status

This selection details what part of our clan is established and what part of the clan still requires some work.

Destiny 2: Well established in-game and within Discord with it's own dedicated Admin team.

Warframe: Established in-game and monitored in Discord by an Admin, this clan is made up of more casual/occasional players.

Path Of Exile: We have a small established following in-game with a Dedicated Admin available.

The Division 2: Our latest addition to the clan, we have a small following with a dedicated Admin available.

Elite Dangerous: We have an in-game squadron and a squadron page on Inara. We have a limited player base who play few and far between.

Dauntless: We have paid for an in-game guild but have a small following of player that play on occasion, nothing serious.

Clan Pages

Destiny 2:


Elite Dangerous:



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