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[EGC] Elite Gaming Corp

Mission Statement

Elite Gaming Corp (EGC)

Join one of the top ranked squad servers in the world!

EGC is looking for new members like you!
We are a Squad Community that was founded in November of 2020 and quickly climbed our way to rank #1 out of all Squad servers in the world.  EGC was founded by a group of friends who wanted a Squad Community that is inclusive to all gamers.

We currently have our New Player Friendly Server which has active admins and new map rotations every 2 weeks.
We offer weekly trainings and events (attendance is non-mandatory). Trainings cover topics such as how to use different kits, Squad leading/ Commanding, Heli Piloting, etc. Our events include different types of operations (one life events, story-based scenarios, modded, etc).

If you’re interested in becoming a member, head into our Discord and fill out an application. 
EGC Membership Requirements: 
1.     18+ (exceptions on case-by-case basis)
2.    Must have a clean record on our Squad Server
3.    Minimum 10 hours of game time in the EGC server.

If you’re not sure EGC is for you come join our Discord anyway and have a look around and join a voice channel and come talk/play with us to get a feel for our community.
We look forward to seeing you on our Discord and Squad servers