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Mission Statement

Hi everyone,EFX is a clan that are based in Europe and America.

These are the rules and things we like to do in the clan. So you know how To be in with a chance of joining our competitive clan.

1. There is a age limit you must be older than.

2. You must be in champions division.

3. You must have photo evidence, with your epic name that you are in champions division.

4. You must have a working Mic.

5. You must not be in another clan.

6. You must be good at 1v1s and pubs.

7. Only PC and Consle players aloud.

8. No racism,bullying or anyone being disrespectful to our member's. If you do then you will be banned instant.

9. We are a competitive clan and also a family. 

10. Be professional at all times.

11. We like to play Scrims, Customs, Arena host live chairty events, play creactive , pubs and verse other clans.

12. Please Be Loyal and Respectful.

13. We are based on EU and American servers.

14. We have sponsorships and custom match making keys.

15. If you have any questions then feel free to ask.

16. Can you use support a creator code STEF-M-21. In the item shop.

If you are interested in joining our wonderful clan for a trial, then please click on our discord link. Thank you ❤




22nd Apr 2019 - 2:54pm

Hello! I would like to join you're fortnite clan. I am a decent fortnite player and average kills are 13 kills. I do die a lot but sometimes I get wins. Current wins on duos : 1 win (no fill), Squad : 2 ( fill ), LTM : 6 wins ( no fill ) I am the age of 9 and really sweaty sometimes ._. I also fail my 90s a bit which is frustrating when i'm in a build fight. I hope I can get in. Add me on fortnite with the name : TSC_JangFang. (Yes i have been in a clan and did not change my name for reasons. That clan is ded now lol. So that's why I am here. Thank you. )


20th Apr 2019 - 11:19pm

Hi! Im TSM RoyaL. I am in Team SoloMid XBL clan. We are a version on TSM Jr but Xbox. And, I was wondering if I could join your clan? I do not have a lot of wins. I have had my account for 3 months and I have 7. But I am really good and I am a Season 1 player. Feel free to message me and we can play! - RoyaL