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{ECE} East Coast Enclave

Mission Statement

🌐 Join the Enclave - Restoring Order in Appalachia 🌐Are you tired of the anarchy and chaos that pervades the wasteland? Do you yearn for a brighter, more organized future? Look no further! The Enclave welcomes you!

🔍 About Us 🔍 The Enclave is a dedicated faction in Fallout 76, committed to restoring law, order, and technology to Appalachia. We're seeking individuals who share our vision and want to make a difference in this post-apocalyptic world.

💼 Requirements 💼Loyalty to the Enclave's cause.A commitment to our values of order and progress.A willingness to work as a team and follow orders.

🛡️ What We Offer 🛡️Access to advanced technology and resources.A strong, organized community of like-minded survivors.Protection and support in the harsh wasteland.Regular events, missions, and training sessions.

👥 Join Our Discord 👥 To enlist in our ranks and start your journey with the Enclave, join our Discord server at . Once you're in, our recruitment officers will guide you through the process.

🌟 Together, We Reclaim Appalachia 🌟 Join us in our mission to reclaim the wasteland and build a better tomorrow for all. Together, we can restore the glory of Appalachia!

Join the Enclave today and be part of the solution! We look forward to welcoming you to our ranks.

Contact Thor Arkyn or THEOS Dionysus!





5th Sep 2023 - 4:22am

Message either me, Palpatine4317 or THEOS Dionysus if interested in applying for Secret Service or military high command. If you're interested in the politics come speak with me.

Thank you all have a wonderful day!-

Palpatine4317, President of the ECE