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Dyslexics Untie

Mission Statement

This is a PS4 clan only.


*Max level season 1

*Max level season 2

*Max level season 3

**20 members dropped on July 4th! Spots are available, request to join today**

{Hoping to fill at least half of these spots with UK members! Contact us today!}

We are currently only accepting members who are always down to do raids, pvp, or both. We have removed many members who typically solo played or just did strikes all the time. If you don't want to play with members in groups for Raids, Crucible, Trials, etc. Then this is NOT the clan for you. If you want to be in a clan that is constantly doing pvp or raids and want to be a part of that, and make friendships with members that are always willing to group up and share knowledge, look no further! We are looking to have 60 members who love to raid, and 40 who love pvp (If you're a fan of both, that's even better)

Dyslexics Untie- The kind of clan you join and never want to leave. This clan was started shortly after Destiny 2 was released, and we grew quickly, and had to learn a lot about clans quickly. This clan is built on helping each other, communicating with each other, and most importantly, having fun playing with each other. We do Nightfalls (Multiple ones whenever clanmates need help), prestige nightfalls, all milestones, Raids daily (all of them) and we do not mind teaching new members how to do it as long as you pay attention. Pvp, trials, heroics, you name it, we get it done. We have been at max capacity (100 members) for a while now, but due to a recent fall off, we are pruning any and all inactive members so we can be fair to the active ones. That means we are open for recruiting and you have the opportunity to make our clan your home, and we would be glad to have you!

*Most players currently reside in North America, and the most active times are around 8pm-2am Est time (11-5am pst). We do have a fair amount of european, uk, and nz players as well as others. We like to try to have at least a page or 2 of players on at any given time, so if you're in one of the other great countries outside of the U.S., you're absolutely welcome!

*We are hoping to get members with more raid experience. As we don't mind teaching the raids, it's also fun to just speed run and wreck stuff.

*We are also hoping for more pvp oriented members. We do usually have the Trials engram for the clan, but most members usually do pve. We do have a good few of us who focus more on pvp, but the more the merrier, especially in crucible.


Yes, these are here, too. Nothing too crazy, but they are firm (giggity)

1) Be polite/respectful to other clan members. This is a fun environment and nobody should feel uncomfortable. If you are ever treated otherwise, let myself or a super admin know without hesitation.

2)Have and utilize a mic. Ever done the raid with somebody without a mic? It sucks. Have one before inquiring.

3)Be mature. The average age group for this clan is probably about 30. That doesn't mean you can't apply if you're younger, but be mature.

4)We use Discord for EVERYTHING. Clan ranking, fireteam building, polls, giveaways, event planning, etc. Being active in the clan channel is a requirement, and you must join the channel before you will be accepted into the clan.

5)Remain active in the game with other clan members. This is a given. Why join a clan if you don't want to participate with anybody in the clan with anything? We are very observant of this and it is the main rule and the easiest to follow. Play with members, make friends, have fun. That's what it's all about!

*Did he say polls and giveaways? Yes, I did! We give our clan the chance to vote on anything we do or change. Clan mottos, abbriviations, banners, I don't care. If the clan wants something new, we change it-and you all have a say!

Giveaways- Yes, we do giveaways for our members. Ps cards, silver vouchers, psplus, games, etc. We like to give back to our members. It's fun, it keeps things exciting, and we enjoy doing it.

**If this sounds like the clan you've been looking for, and you want to be a part of our family and hopefully have more fun on destiny than ever, request today! Feel free to message our recruiting admin MelvinMorgan via Psn for any more information or questions, or to let us know you're interested. Hope to see you soon!

**Please, send a message via psn or the D2 companion app to MelvinMorgan upon requesting to join. This will make the process much easier.**





Mon, 07/09/2018 - 20:30

Can I join please. No one logs in to my clan anymore. Would love to get a couple of raids under my belt 


Wed, 06/27/2018 - 01:45

I would love to join your guild if there is spot opened. Love and enjoying playing with a group. I work 5 times a week but it doesnt stop me playing before and after work.  


PSN: Azn_fly_boy15


Tue, 06/26/2018 - 04:20

Hello, I saw your clan page and wanted to see if I can join, Im pretty active on destiny 2 in the afternoons. I have a 345(work in progress) and a 290 titan I just started building up. Ive been trying to find an active clan to join. Ive never done the raids but I pick up pretty quickly. I have all the dlcs so far 


Fri, 06/08/2018 - 21:28

Read the rules and what your clan is about and it looks like it would be a great fit awesome clan name by the way


Wed, 06/06/2018 - 10:17

Read the description sounds like a great clan, currently in an inactive clan and hoping to do the raid and pvp with some good people


Tue, 05/22/2018 - 04:41

I would like to join the clan. My PSN is killerbsting16. I’m in a clan now with 50 people but they do not play anymore unfortunately. I’m 26 and skilled player. :)


Sat, 05/12/2018 - 23:38

Looking to join a new clan. Current clan is pretty much dead. Been playing Destiny since the day one beta though I habe little experience with the ROE and Raid lairs (my current clan is more dysfunctional than Bungies story telling lol). Just look to have fun and find people who will actually play the game and not be ghosts.


Sun, 04/29/2018 - 14:18

Hey i would really enjoy joining the clan! I’m a 302 hunter I made a new account due to a couple of reasons. Just tryna play some D2! My psn is Ling2xtwan.



Sat, 04/28/2018 - 11:10

Hello, looking for a nice active clan for Destiny 2 on ps4. I'm dutch, man, 29yrs. Have 1 guardian 283, almost ready for raids. Hope to hear from you.


Wed, 04/25/2018 - 11:48

Hey, I would like to express my interest to join your caln.  Members of my current clan are awesome, however, it had been three month since they did a nightfall or a raid which I am interested to develop my skills in.  Additionally, I play random PVE and PVP with members not in my clan! so i am missing that team unity feeling and accomplishment.


Please add me.



Tue, 04/24/2018 - 15:49

Hey I would really appreciate it if I could join your clan my clan I’m in isn’t currently active by the way your clan is described I would love to join!


Tue, 04/17/2018 - 14:48

I am looking to join your clan cause after reading your description, it perfectly matches with my needs. I am a warlock who reached light level 293 in 3 days being my first character. I would be more than happy if I get an invite. A very Co operative player and a good listener. 


Wed, 04/04/2018 - 14:43

My gamer tag is catzdude11 and I'm looking to join this clan. I've taken a long break but I'm a long time player and wish to get back into the game. All my characters are above 300 power level and my hunter (the highest) is 311 as of now.

I hope to be accepted into this clan, Yours Sincerely, Catz


Mon, 04/02/2018 - 01:27

New to Destiny 2, but 317 Hunter.  Need to start raids/nightfall/trials of the nine.  More PvP oriented when not completing dailies/weeklies.  Mostly play 7~10 EDT (florida), and a few hours on the weekend.  Also looking to max out titan and warlock after the hunter.

PSN BVGsengir


Fri, 03/30/2018 - 12:01

Greetings from a friendly gamer from Russia, I would like to join the clan. I have recently started playing destiny 2, but I had been playing destiny 1 from the very beginnins, so I am already experienced. The question is, how can I join your discord channel? I have never used it before.


Thu, 03/29/2018 - 05:58

Me and a buddy of mine are looking for an active clan to do public events and raid and just need more players I have 3 characters titan and warlock are 335 and hunter is 305 buddy runs hunter at 329 


Mon, 03/19/2018 - 00:25

Looking for active Clan previously Founder of clan that became filled with inactive players... I play regularly though it gets kinda boring not having any active friends anymore. Been playing since day one...

Titan 334, Hunter 333, & Warlock 331


Fri, 03/16/2018 - 22:14

Hi ,

ON PS4 looking for a clan to play with. I play pretty consistently and would like a group to raid with and I would love to join you guys. Thank you


Thu, 03/15/2018 - 10:26


UK based, I have a full Fireteam looking for a new home, if you'll have us. We play throughout the week and would like to finally complete the Raid and Raid Lair. 

We normally complete Nightfall, Heroic Strikes and Regularly play Crucible. 

Our old clan has pretty much stopped playing completely. We'd love to join up with a more active group. Hope to speak soon


Mon, 03/12/2018 - 02:33


My name is Josh,

I have a level 325 warlock.

I would really like to join a clan that does raids, nightfalls, and trials.

I play about every other day and I complete all the milestones I can.

My psn is gracieMell.


Sat, 03/10/2018 - 19:38

I am a 311 Titan looking for a clan, mostly to play the leviathan raid. My PSN is Chieflaff and my friends is Nattyp123. 


Wed, 02/07/2018 - 23:47


I'm currently on the hunt for a new clan. My current clan doesn't seem to want to do anything together and that makes it much harder for me to experience all of the game's content. I am very active and  enjoy playing both PvE and PvP. I primarily play my Titan but can play a Warlock or Hunter if need be. I am just looking for a clan that can help me enjoy the game to the fullest.

PSN: Aerodize


Sat, 01/20/2018 - 20:30


I'm on ps4. I live in the UK and work night-shift play most mornings and all night Sunday.

My last clan has stopped playing and fallen apart. So would really like to join your clan for raids and nightfall.  

My psn edge-net083

Thanks you for consideration. 


Sat, 01/20/2018 - 07:46

Hello! I love the sound of ur clan, I got destiny 2 last week and i picked the game up pretty fast, I’m now level 20 with 280 power. I would love to join this clan because it seems really nice and friendly and I heard being in a clan helps a lot with raids and strikes. thanks from Isaac. :)


Thu, 01/18/2018 - 00:03


I just sent a message through PSN but i don't know if it worked because it is a little laggy. Are you still recruiting?


Wed, 01/17/2018 - 06:23

Not sure if this is the place to post this, as I’m a little lost here. I’m looking to join a ps4 clan. My clan decided to stop playing so now I’m here. I’ve only raided a two or three times, but really want to do some more. I have only one guardian that’s strong enough to join. (Titan 334) I play, typically, between 10:30pm and 3am (EST) and on most nights.

I’m on discord, but still learning how to post there. (Not very message board savvy) 

PSN Gators_Win 


Mon, 01/15/2018 - 19:52

Just left my clan since I was one of three still active and am looking for a clan that still goes week to week and where I can always find people to play with. Mainly a PvE player who enjoys running everything across my three characters. I run a titan, warlock, and hunter so I can fill whatever role is needed at the time.

I tend to be the most chill in raid groups where three people are yelling and complaining at each other, often laughing at the insanity that is happening.

I am on usually 4 to 7 days a week and will always be willing to lend a hand if needed.


Mon, 01/15/2018 - 19:18


im on PS4 and would really like to join a clan that does raids, trails etc together.

i live and work in the UK so I only play at about 6pm and after. My current clan has, well just stopped playing the game altogether so yeah.

i would like to join if possible.




Mon, 01/15/2018 - 15:47

Hello, i play on ps4 im a very active player (aside from time at work), and at the exact times you guys are most of the time according to your clan bio. im looking for an active vocal clan that actually runs missions together. since i finished the expansion and have broke 300 power i can't seem to find anyone to play with. i would love to join the clan my psn- ManicMD2. please let me know! thanks.


Tue, 01/16/2018 - 03:01

Meggajuanna, I cannot message you due to your psn settings, and I do not see you on the destiny 2 companion app. You will need to send me a message on either one of those two systems. Thanks!


Sun, 01/14/2018 - 19:54


If spots are still open i would like to join the clan? I’m a UK University Student who plays Daily or when i have free space, I’m into PVE and PVP whether that be Hardcore or Competitive, i haven’t got much experience in Raiding which i would like to get into and experience and enjoy. I have a 313 Hunter and own a mic and a laptop for Discord, Teamspeak etc. 

Hope to hear from you soon!

PSN: Zelleuz


Sun, 01/14/2018 - 07:57

PSN: Wsalz042

I would like to join the clan if possible.  I do not play as much as I used Tom but I still login each week to do milestones, and try to get a raid group together.  I am a pretty experienced player, have been playing since Destiny Day 1.  All my friends stopped playing, so its pretty hard to get a different LFG group together each week,


Fri, 12/29/2017 - 14:36

Daily player looking for clan that does all the endgame stuff. I have two characters 315 lock and 310 hunter. Will help anyone when im on. I have a mic and am 28 years old. Cheers


Fri, 12/29/2017 - 07:49

Hello Fro,

My clan has been inactive and I was wondering if you would let me join yours? My PSN is Oyta2 and I usually play in the mornings in the PST zone. Hope to hear from you soon.