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Dyslexics Untie

Mission Statement

This is a PS4 clan only.


*Max level season 1

*Max level season 2

**Inactive members recently removed, only a handful of spots availiable!**

Dyslexics Untie- The kind of clan you join and never want to leave. This clan was started shortly after Destiny 2 was released, and we grew quickly, and had to learn a lot about clans quickly. This clan is built on helping each other, communicating with each other, and most importantly, having fun playing with each other. We do Nightfalls (Multiple ones whenever clanmates need help), prestige nightfalls, all milestones, Raids at least 5-6 days a week if not more (leviathan and eow) and we do not mind teaching new members how to do it as long as you pay attention. Pvp, trials, heroics, you name it, we get it done. We have been at max capacity (100 members) for a while now, but due to a recent fall off, we are pruning any and all inactive members so we can be fair to the active ones. That means we are open for recruiting and you have the opportunity to make our clan your home, and we would be glad to have you!

*Most players currently reside in North America, and the most active times are around 8pm-2am Est time (11-5am pst). We do have a fair amount of european, uk, and nz players as well as others. We like to try to have at least a page or 2 of players on at any given time, so if you're in one of the other great countries outside of the U.S., you're absolutely welcome!

*We are hoping to get members with more raid experience. As we don't mind teaching the raids, it's also fun to just speed run and wreck stuff.

*We are also hoping for more pvp oriented members. We do usually have the Trials engram for the clan, but most members usually do pve. We do have a good few of us who focus more on pvp, but the more the merrier, especially in crucible.


Yes, these are here, too. Nothing too crazy, but they are firm (giggity)

1) Be polite/respectful to other clan members. This is a fun environment and nobody should feel uncomfortable. If you are ever treated otherwise, let myself or a super admin know without hesitation.

2)Have and utilize a mic. Ever done the raid with somebody without a mic? It sucks. Have one before inquiring.

3)Be mature. The average age group for this clan is probably about 30. That doesn't mean you can't apply if you're younger, but be mature.

4)We use Discord for EVERYTHING. Clan ranking, fireteam building, polls, giveaways, event planning, etc. Being active in the clan channel is a requirement, and you must join the channel before you will be accepted into the clan.

5)Remain active in the game with other clan members. This is a given. Why join a clan if you don't want to participate with anybody in the clan with anything? We are very observant of this and it is the main rule and the easiest to follow. Play with members, make friends, have fun. That's what it's all about!

*Did he say polls and giveaways? Yes, I did! We give our clan the chance to vote on anything we do or change. Clan mottos, abbriviations, banners, I don't care. If the clan wants something new, we change it-and you all have a say!

Giveaways- Yes, we do giveaways for our members. Ps cards, silver vouchers, psplus, games, etc. We like to give back to our members. It's fun, it keeps things exciting, and we enjoy doing it.

**If this sounds like the clan you've been looking for, and you want to be a part of our family and hopefully have more fun on destiny than ever, request today! Feel free to message our recruiting admin MelvinMorgan via Psn for any more information or questions, or to let us know you're interested. Hope to see you soon!

**Please, send a message via psn or the D2 companion app upon requesting to join. This will make the process much easier.**





Hey, I'm looking to join up on a new clan. All of my previous clan left for Destiny PC version. I have 3 guardians, a 305 Hunter, 303 Titan, and 298 Warlock. Been playing destiny since year one and definitely appreciate the idea of a laid back style Hope to hear from you. PSN name is LDunne1502


r games, or not being online due to real life stuff. We know things happen and it's not always all about video games. I'll send you an invite shortly.


Hi, i'm looking for joininh you guys. Have a 272 hunter and kinda looking for a cool clan to play nightfalls and raids with. I play from Germany and am almost online every night but sadly only after midnight, around 1 because of work. Thanks for the chance, cheers! 


Hi, my clan has kind of died in the past few months, so I'm looking for other Guardians to do end(friend?)game stuff with. I'd love to join y'all!


Absolutely! We are still able to accept new member! Just send us a request or a psn message


Hey there currently in a very inactive clan and Im looking to join up with some people that actually play. However I keep odd hours cause of my job usually up late at night and sleeping all day do you think this clan would be a good fit?


hi, do you have lots of members from the UK? The clan i'm in now are active but they are mostly based in the USA so I can't really participate.


Robkingdom, I do believe we have members who would be online around the same time as you, and we do have members from different countries, but I would say most are from within the United States. I can send you an invitation, and if there aren't quite as many members active at the same times you are, then we understand if it isn't for you. 😃


Good day and or evening I'm looking to join an more active clan I currently run one but through a mutual agreeement between everyone we have decided to disband soon when everyone has a clan. I live in the Midwest United States and tend to be on either very late at night or early in the afternoon due to me working nights I have 3 characters all max level willing to do all activities when someone is needed. If their are any available spots open you all seems like the kind of group I'm looking for. If not no problem just thought I'd get my name thrown out there Psn is same as username. Join the rest of your day.


Hello, Spareaclip94! We do still currently have spots open, and we are definitely an active clan. Seems like we always have a few different groups doing different things. Sorry to hear that about your clan! I looked you up on bnet and couldn't seem to pull you up to send you an invite. Just send our clan a request and we will make sure to get you in to try it out! Thanks!


Hi, I'm Stridz06 an active vanilla and d2 player. Would love to join a group of people... In destiny 1 did every raid within first reset and active in pvp as well... Currently a 272 titan 


Hi Fro


Relatively new to D2  - Hunter 145 @ present but climbing. looking to join a new group.. name is little1one in PSN same for D2



That's fine! Soon enough you will be able to join us on some activities that require higher power level. In the meantime, there's always crucible, strikes, and flashpoints!


Hey, been soloing for a while since my clan never really got off the ground. Been around since Dark Below with decent raid experience. Figured I might finally trying joining a clan and this one seems to have the right kinda laid back feel I'm looking for. Spots still open? 


Hey just looking for a casual active clan, but im relatively new to end game content in either Destiny game warlock at about 268 or so but looking to join something laid back and active, PSN is rfletch11_!! :)


Really just needing an active clan on my platform that sociable and doesnt mind grouling up for trials from time to time. I habe 3 other fellas as well all of similar power level.   Names following if interested.  





If you're still recruiting and active I'd like to check y'all out currently have 2 305 characters looking to get in some raids trials nightfalls my clans been dead for a couple months it would be nice to get weekly engrams and actually enjoy the game again thanks my username on PS4 is HALF_BaKeD_91 message me if u get the time please 


Hey y'all looking for a new clan as current one is also dead. Pretty experienced all characters 305 looking to hit CoO hard, like the laid back feel with potential. Are y'all getting all 4 clan engrams every week and do you have a lot of members that work night shift around central time? I'm usually playing sometime between 10pm and 6am. Name is same on PSN and Discord, just joined discord so have no clue how to navigate it but if that's easier for you to contact go for it!


Hi I would like to join I have a 242 Warlock

I play for a while everyday and a lot on weekends

I've never been in a guild

I'm UTC 00.00


Hi! me and some friends from Norway are looking for a clan, all are 305 + and have just started the first expansion, can we get an invite?

Thaedros @ PSN


Hey fro me and my friend need an active clan as we play daily ... our clan wasn't cutting it so we were thinking of swapping to yours if possible I sent you a friend request already ... I'm a 324 hunter and he's a 326 warlock plz get back to me 


Hello Fro,

My clan has been inactive and I was wondering if you would let me join yours? My PSN is Oyta2 and I usually play in the mornings in the PST zone. Hope to hear from you soon. 


Daily player looking for clan that does all the endgame stuff. I have two characters 315 lock and 310 hunter. Will help anyone when im on. I have a mic and am 28 years old. Cheers


PSN: Wsalz042

I would like to join the clan if possible.  I do not play as much as I used Tom but I still login each week to do milestones, and try to get a raid group together.  I am a pretty experienced player, have been playing since Destiny Day 1.  All my friends stopped playing, so its pretty hard to get a different LFG group together each week,



If spots are still open i would like to join the clan? I’m a UK University Student who plays Daily or when i have free space, I’m into PVE and PVP whether that be Hardcore or Competitive, i haven’t got much experience in Raiding which i would like to get into and experience and enjoy. I have a 313 Hunter and own a mic and a laptop for Discord, Teamspeak etc. 

Hope to hear from you soon!

PSN: Zelleuz


Hello, i play on ps4 im a very active player (aside from time at work), and at the exact times you guys are most of the time according to your clan bio. im looking for an active vocal clan that actually runs missions together. since i finished the expansion and have broke 300 power i can't seem to find anyone to play with. i would love to join the clan my psn- ManicMD2. please let me know! thanks.



im on PS4 and would really like to join a clan that does raids, trails etc together.

i live and work in the UK so I only play at about 6pm and after. My current clan has, well just stopped playing the game altogether so yeah.

i would like to join if possible.