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Mission Statement

Hello Guardians, this is the recruitment page for the Drylanders [DRY] Clan. We're an active Clan looking for friendly recruits, with both new and veteran players being welcome. We take part in all activities, both PvE and PvP; if you need a group you'll be able to easily find a Fireteam for whatever activity you have in mind by using the Dryland Discord Server: <-- this is a custom link On top of all this we hold an extremely fun monthly DSRL (Dryland Sparrow Racing League) event as well. Think you're the fastest? Prove it and win epic giveaway loot!! To sign up simply join the Discord via the link above and post a join request in the "#join_destiny_2_clan" channel. One of our Admins will send you an invite. We look forward to hearing from you guardians, epic loot awaits! Dryland Recruitment Team - "Dryland is not just our destination, it is our destiny!




3rd Jan 2019 - 8:41pm

I'm looking for a CLAN to do things with, I played for a bit a launch and did the Calus RAID and just got Forsaken, would love to do things with other people.


26th Dec 2018 - 9:45am

I am looking for a new clan because the one I am in right now only has a couple of people in the clan that are interested in grouping up for raids, gambits, etc.