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Do-Not-Resuscitate (PS4)

Mission Statement

We are a group of late 20s to late 30s who like to play together. We generally use to fill out the rest of our fireteam if needed, but we would like to have a bigger core group of guys to play with for the new expansion. We are 9-5ers for the most part, so we generally get on from about 8pm-10:30pm or on the weekend for bigger activities like the raid.  

  • Most members have at least one maxed out character.  Some have 2.
  • We do all activities, PVP, PVE, raids.  Have not made it far in Trials or any prestige events yet, but are open to it.  
  • Looking for members that like a personal clans and like to play during the evenings
  • All ages welcome, but it is preferred not to play with children.