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Divided We Rise

Mission Statement

Divided We Rise is a new and upcoming PS4 Division 2 clan started by the same core group of members who have been able to make great clans and communities on various games and consoles.

**Inactive members were just removed!! It is our goal to keep only active members in this clan to make the experience great for everyone! Spots are currently availiable, join today!**

[We have members from all over the globe, and there are always people online and active! Many of these members mainly play late night/early morning hours during the week and throughout the day on weekends. If you reside in another country you are completely welcome to join, as our ultimate goal is to have members from all over in order to always have members online to group up with, plus we love playing with our friends across the pond!]


This is a mature clan, so we will not be accepting many players under age 18. The clan's average age is probably in the neighborhood of 30. Immature players will be kicked indefinitely. 

We are mostly pretty casual, although pvp tends to get pretty competitive at times. If you're looking for a laid-back atmosphere but still getting plenty of things done- this is the place to be, as we enjoy completing every area of the game- pvp and pve alike!

Discord: Once you have inquired joining the clan, you will be sent an official invitation to our clan discord server where you will be expected to communicate with your clan-mates. We make sure it stays a fun and positive place. Joining the discord is mandatory, as we use it for pretty much anything clan related: creating groups, giveaways, polls, and just various chit chat so members can get to know each other. A full list of the clan's rules are listed in the discord (nothing too crazy though).

<Polls?> Yes, polls. Any aspect of the clan we will be letting our clan mates vote on. That goes for abbreviations, banners, and the clan name itself. Members may also make suggestions on any of these, and we will present them for a clan-wide vote. This means every clan member has a voice, because this is for all of us!!

<Giveaways?> You're damn right, giveaways! We love to give back to our community, in the form of vouchers, in game content, pscards, dlc, etc. We like to keep things fresh, and we enjoy doing it almost as much as you like free stuff!


Regardless of level, all are welcome right now. If you need help completing missions to hit 30 on characters, or you are grinding on tier 4, this is the place for you!


Sound like the type of clan you would be interested in? We would love to have you! Hardened veterans or brand new to the game- we look forward to playing with you. We are growing every day- and hope you can be a part of it!

Joining will be easy! Just message via psn!



You can also search for our clan in-game.


We look forward to playing with you, and getting a stupid amount of loot!




4th Apr 2019 - 5:51am

We currently have many different timezones represented within the clan. Predominantly, I would say the United States time zones. Particularly eastern time and central. However, many of us play off hours throughout the night and early morning. We love having members from Netherlands, UK, New Zealand, literally anywhere as long as you speak English well enough.


25th Mar 2019 - 5:59pm

We are fairly scattered, as we like to recruit from a few different time zones. This helps insure there are always members online to group with. As for the time being, we are mostly central time zone, but a few of us work night shift, meaning we will end up playing fairly late at night until early morning hours.