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Dismantle Mines, Yes?

Mission Statement

Dismantle Mines, Yes? is a mature (20+) UK Semi-Hardcore Destiny 2 Clan working from the ground up to support both New Light and veteran Guardians.


What can i expect from DMY?

  1. An active and fun community of friends
  2. Raid Clears (all raids cleared, including prestige)
  3. High level PvE Content (980 Content)
  4. Casual and Competitive PvP action (multiple 2100+ members / some 5000+ members)

we perform both quick clears and sherpa runs in a friendly learning environment.


What does DMY Stand for?

"Dismantle Mines, yes?" is a UK based Destiny 2 PC clan that originates from a small group of friends, Some of us have been playing Since Destiny 1 Day 1. We are looking for like minded players who enjoy playing both casually and seriously when needed. We want to offer a place for veteran Guardians to come and relax and access more difficult content on a regular but reliable basis; while also offering access to content newer less experienced players may not necessarily get access to.


if you feel DMY is something you would potentially be interested in you can find our very active clan leaders Vanadam and D A V E online most evenings on our discord server!


we look forward to hearing from you,