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Mission Statement

[Recruiting Closed] Adult XBOX ONE Destiny 2 Clan looking for active adult players PvP PvE 


New and veteran players join us! All light and experience levels welcome here.


We’re an active clan. See for yourself, just take a look at our game activity.


We actively help each other, we don’t just say we do. 


All Clan Staves unlocked and available. If that’s what you’re into


We get all the weekly clan engrams.


Dedicated Discord Server for in clan LFG 

Casual but getting sh!t done and just having a good time!!

Please be patient, willing to help others, active and have a mic. Most importantly...HAVE FUN!!

Requirements for membership:

Must be 18+

Join the clan discord 

Must be active in Destiny 



Join below or the link at the top of the page