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Mission Statement

Adult XBOX ONE Destiny 2 Clan looking for active adult players OPEN MEMBERSHIP

New light and veteran players join us! 

If you want to be more then just a number in a roster, check us out! 
Relaxed crew made up of parents, working professionals and college students. 
You can find us teaching Raids and Dungeons, helping out with exotic quests, knocking out weekly objectives, working on our seasonal rank and grinding for that one weapon or armor piece! We’re an active clan and have unlocked every seasonal clan stave. We regularly cap out the max clan xp each reset in under 24 hours.
We help each other, we don’t just say we do. We’re gearing up for another new season and currently have OPEN membership! If you’re thinking we could be what you’re looking for, what are you waiting for!! Just join our Discord and bring your sense of humor. You must be 18 or older predicated solely on our potty mouthed, depraved members ability to destroy the psyches of persons younger than 18. 
Most of us have families, children and real life problems so we fully respect that those things come first (most of the time)!

Casual but getting sh!t done and just having a good time!! Please be patient, willing to help others, active and have a mic. Most importantly...HAVE FUN!!


•Be 18+

•Join the clan Discord ( we use Discord to communicate, if you don’t join you will be removed from the clan )

•Be active in Destiny 


 I don’t always check this listing for comments so if you have questions message Twisted Jane on Xbox

Join below or the link at the top of the page