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Destiny 2 [PS4] Semi-Hardcore clan recruiting

Mission Statement

The Doki Doki Raid Club is seeking to expand its clan roster. We are a group of friends that tend to do endgame content together, be it raids, forges, gambit, exotic quests and more. We are heavily PVE oriented; however, we also have a fair share of hardcore PVPers. Our clan has lots of dedicated and hardcore players who have day 1 or flawless or 2/3man badges on raid report. We also have several relaxed players who play on their leisure. We started as a small clan of 12 people last August and now we’ve expanded to 41 members and are looking to expand furthermore!

-Have at least 15 completions in each year 1 raid and raid lair or 2/3man badges on them or 25+ Last Wish completions

-Be active a few times a week
-Have discord in order to help organize fireteam assemblies and activities

If you think you hit our clan requirement then feel free to DM LordAthrun on to have an invite sent to you.