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Mission Statement

Hello Fellow Gamers!
Desolution Gaming is a newly founded community that is looking to grow! 
We are looking for people who play games such as:
- DayZ
- Fortnite
- Rainbow Six: Siege
- Playerunknown's Battlegrouds
Plus many others.

- Members must be aged 16+
- Members are restricted to PC gaming only
- Members must play seriously in competitive matches
- Members must also be capable of speaking good English
- Members must have access to Discord for communication (with mic)
- Members should have -DESO- in their display names in competitive games

- No Rasism
- No Sexism
- No Bullying
- No Drama
- No Trolling
- Respect Admins
- Respect Other Members

Sent a message in our Discord: (if interested) and one of us will be sure to get back to you!

Looking Forward To Hearing From You!
Happy Gaming!


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Sofia Bodenwieser

14th Mar 2019 - 6:21pm

As a game fan I like your post very much . I listen only that essay topic ideas the championship. But you tell the whole story after it . So much information you get . I really impressed by your work . It will help me to learn more about gamers and gaming . I am also a gamer . Thanks!!



12th Jul 2018 - 11:21am

my steam name is hamhaw

I play csgo mostly but a little bit of pubg. 

invite me to the discord. my discord id is : 🅗🅐🅜🅗🅐🅦#3906