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The Deadly 8th

Mission Statement

Our Mission

This clan was founded on the principle of giving a place to help those suffering from depression. We are proud to say that we are passionate about this cause and dedicate our gaming and profits to helping those in need.

Our Goal

As any clan does, we want to be as big as FaZe or TK. But while we want this, we know we have to be different. We need to be our own brand and give people what no one else can. This is why our goal is to feel like home. You could join any big clan, but will you get the attention and recognition you deserve? Probably not. That is where the Deadly 8th comes in. We make it our goal to make it feel like a second family. We are not worried about how good your skill is, we just want you to feel like you can talk to any one of us, and play a game whenever you want. Never hesitate to message someone or ask questions! We encourage it! Welcome home gamers.


 Join today and be apart of something great! 


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