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Mission Statement

Dashline We are NA, we are kindly heart an experienced multi platform and gaming community. We are Founded in January 1st 2021, We value the concept of being a family and we really make sure we have place for everyone. Our goal is to become a community of many types of players that are competitive or casual. ______________________________________________________

¤ Our Requirements ¤

~ Have a mic 
~ Have Discord
~ Be Active 
~ Follow Discord guidelines and Terms of Service
Play on PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia, PC gamers are welcome here :D


¤ We Offer ¤

~ Cool Roles 
~ Editors 

~ Non Toxic Community 
~ Easy Organized Rank System
~ Staff/Leadership
~ Gamenights, Events,Tournaments

Promoting your streams etc in discord and social medias..


See ya on the dasher's lane



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