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Damage Incorporated

Mission Statement

Hello everyone,

Damage Incorporated's a big clan with super active community.
We're currently expanding out our PUBG NA division and looking for players.
We have Pro and Casual teams, and we have players of all skill levels, so everyone's welcome.

DI is an extremely organised clan and our "base of operations" is our forum, check it out here:
If you're interested in knowing more about us, feel free to add me ( or leave a reply.

What type of players we're looking for:

- Active players who want to be a part of a community.
- Toxic free and plays the game mostly for fun.
- Mature people who can follow simple rules.
- At least 15 years old.

What makes us special:

- We have a structured hierarchy (were you can go up in ranks depending on your performance).
- Forum with more than 700 users online everyday.
- Clan wide events from multiple games.
- TeamSpeak server.
- Our amazing members.

- Our Elite Entry Program for top tier players who wants to join our          teams.

- Our Very own custom server from PUBG partnership program to            enjoy custom games.

We all take our clan commitment seriously, we're a community above all and we want you to be a part of it!
Here, you'll find friends, discover new games and have a lot of fun!

Check out our trailer here: