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Damage Inc.

Mission Statement


Hey everyone, I'm looking for new players that are searching for a team to be part of.

We all know playing alone is not funny when it comes to Apex Legends.
Sometimes your teammates won't follow you or they will die instantly because they didn't cooperate with you. I know.. it's annoying as hell..
I'm offering you the chance to find yourself the dream team you've been looking for! 

Long story short I have a team that can offer you a place where you can get daily Events / Tournaments / and trustworthy people to form a squad and daily play with.

Overall benefits:
- Daily Events
- Casual & Competitive Events
- Weekly Organized Tournaments 
- Apex Legends Coaches (soon)
- Active members to play and share moments with!
- Youtube & Twitch channels/promotion for those into creating content!

Feel free to join us!

Age Requirement: 16+
Apex Legends Experience: 15+ hours
Region Required: EU
Voice Communication Needed: Teamspeak 3

Info on how to join:
Discord: Siles#4515
Origin: siles2004
Direct register link:


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