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The D2 Misfits [UK Clan]

Mission Statement

The D2 Misfits is a UK clan looking for new active players to join.

We are only accepting adult players from European timezones!

We mostly run Raids, Escalation Protocol and the Nightfall. 

The clan always helps out clan members with milestones and frequently organise raids for the weekends. We will teach the raids to new members and are pretty chill in general. We use Discord to organise activities. The clan has gone a little quiet with the content drought and state of Destiny 2 but will be far more active when Warmind DLC is released.

Feel free to request membership if you would rather a clan that plays around a European timezone.


Mondo Sam

Mon, 06/18/2018 - 14:01

I've just got back into Destiny after a long break and I'm hoping to find a new UK based clan - I've sent a request via