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Cynical Snipers

Mission Statement



We urge all members to be active, help build up the community and most importantly want the team to succeed!!!

Growing pro team, based in Sydney, Australia. Leader and High roles are in AEST time. If no one can help you, wait till they get on and they will get back to you ASAP! 

Cynical Snipers is a clan of gamers who want to share the passion for ESports and make themselves known. We are an open clan and have members all around the world. We hold respect and responsibility above all else and we don’t tolerate toxic players.                 

Unlike other clans we strive for equality and every member is treated the same. We are always here to help and don’t care if you are bad or good at a game. We share a community that allows you to be you. Talking to each other about movies and video games while sending noobs to the main lobby! Keep in mind we do have players who are serious about gaming!                            

We’re looking for people who are not only willing to radiate a positive vibe but also help grow and push the clan to become a professional Esport team.

What to expect!

  • Friendly members, we are always looking to make your time in our clan enjoyable
  • Helpful leaders
  • Fair players. No cheating, Hacksor mods. Anything that gives players an unfair advantage
  • Positive atmosphere
  • A mature community

What we offer!

  • Dedicated channels from Teamspeak to meeting rooms
  • Oppertunity to meet others that share similar dreams and passions
  • A clean and positive atmosphere for all to enjoy, at any hour.

Our GOAL! 

  • Make it to the big leagues! 
  • Bring Esports to Australia! 
  • Be at the top! 


To join press the Discord tab near our banner! When you join please read the #welcome-rules-and-important-info To get the most out of the server.



If you wish to join the competitive team - Join the Discord - In the requests channel type in - !comp - Once a test is organised and you pass, congratulations you are in!!! 

If you wish to join the casual team - Join the Discord - In the requests channel type in - !casual - After a few steps, you will be placed in the casual team of your choice !!! 

Hope to see you guys soon! 

PS: When you join, please read the rules of the server. We also recommend if you are joining for BO4 to join just for casual, as comp for BO4 is not in high demand. If you want to play COD competitively, join but develop your skills for the next COD!                






19th Mar 2019 - 8:16am

i want to join this clan but im really nervous and i probably have a schedule that doesn't work with anyone. if you read my bio you'll know why. im studying and training to play basketball professionally so i wont be available in certain parts of the week but i also really love games so i wanted to join a clan that is casual. which this one is but like i said, im really nervous about joining a clan