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Mission Statement

CruciaL is an 18+ whitelist community, sprung from CS:GO. We have daily competitive inhouse events, special maps, and our own competitive league. We are striving to create a chill and non-toxic, yet competitive and challenging community with players ranging from all ranks.


Inhouse Events:

We have daily inhouse games, where people in all ranks compete for the top spot on our monthly leader board, to be granted exclusive prizes.


Special Events:

Have you ever tried playing reversed dust 2 in a competitive setting? Sometimes we host special events for the community, in the form of maps outside of the standard competitive maps. Or maybe even older maps like Assault or Militia.


Community League:

Do you think you have what it takes to play in our semi-professional league? Or do you not want to sign up because Astralis might enter and destroy everyone? Well, you are in luck! Our league functions a bit different from other tournaments. We have a pool of players that are signed up for the tournament, as well as some captains. A bidding war will then be started between the captains to get players onto their team! This system makes our league one of a kind and also extremely competitive.


We have some of the most capable people when it comes to FPS gaming, community organising and streaming. The only thing you must do, is join our community and create an application. So come join us, god or not.