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Mission Statement

At Corvus, we are more than just a group of gamers, we’re a community; a family: We cater to adult gamers, everyday people who need to take a break from everyday responsibilities and enjoy gaming with like-minded folks. Although we have our favorites, this community is not dedicated to any particular game. We change as the times change.

We’re best known for objective-based MMORPG games that require cooperation and communication like New World, Wow, ESO, AA – games that fuel our collective competitive streak. All that said, being an adult gamer means having a life outside of video games. This means we keep things casual and play a myriad of other genres. Shooters, fighters, sims, survival, strategy, and MMOs – there’s no shortage of what our community plays. Whether your speed is chill or competitive we have something for you.

Established in 2000, we are a semi-private community. As such everyone must fill out a short application to be considered. You can start that process by on our Discord. We value quality over quantity. The application process ensures all potential community members are of good character, and seeking a long-term community.

You must meet the following requirements to join Corvus:
➢ We're only seeking mature gamers that are 25+ years of age.
➢ You must have a working headset/microphone with Push-To-Talk.
➢ You must be able to speak/type English.