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The Community Hub

Mission Statement

Here in The Community Hub we care about making all members feel like equals, we have all been apart of servers that are inactive and only see a little chatter in the general chat, mainly inside jokes, we want to make sure anyone who joins can instantly connect with us, the server is currently run by myself (crazy) and my good friend Targetv, we have all had nights bored with nobody to game with or talk to and with most communities being marketed as businesses or for Americans, this is where we want change we have no interest in your money, only your time as long as you are mature and are non-toxic we welcome all people, if you are European have no fear if you don't speak much English that's fine we all speak one language and that is gaming, we are a community of gamers that play more than what is listed :D make sure to hop on in and hang out with us, we would love to have you.




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