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Mission Statement

We are the C.O.G.S. (Collective of Gaming Society) Formerly named the Terminous Dominion after the clan merge. we have over 600 members in our discord server, we have multiple divisions for the different games, platforms and consoles our member play on. we are LGBT friendly, religion friendly and time zone friendly. we are always looking to recruit new members into our community. I, Officer Blitzwing, has been charged with rebuilding the overwatch division after its prior shut down a year ago. Join us in our quest to bring together our community, to meet new friends, make squads and have fun playing the games we're passionate about. Message TD Blitzwing 7 on xbox, TD Blitzwing 7 (Aleister Newell)#0296 at discord, [email protected] on Gmail and Aleister Newell on facebook. JOIN TODAY!

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