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Mission Statement

Taking PC Gaming To The Next Level!

CKS GAMING® [PC][EU][NA][18+] An active community since 2004 - Battlefield V - Apex Legends  - Call Of Duty: Warzone - EVE Online - Escape From Tarkov 



CKS-Gaming has been around since 2004 and we strive to provide a fun, fair and friendly environment for all our members to play in and enjoy. So if you're fed up of playing alone and want a regular group of people to team up with, look no further! Whether you're a casual player or looking for competitive play we've got your covered! We are a very diverse community with members from all over the world with a stable member base who are proud to represent CKS-Gaming. Feel free to drop by our discord server and play some games, you don't have to become a member right away.




 Our gaming community currently consists of players from Europe, North America & Asia



Our community is currently recruiting new members who are:

  1. Mature ( strictly 18+ years old)
  2. Have a working microphone
  3. Have Discord (either PC or APP)


Want to join CKS-Gaming? Head over to guilded and fill out an application: Then after you finish proceed to our discord:​ This two step process is to guarantee that new members take the time to apply for our community.

*Your application information is viewable by all community members.

*All new applicants go through a 2 week trial, where we monitor; activity and community integration.

Note: No toxicity, racism, sexism etc are allowed in our mature community.



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