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11th Jul 2019 - 3:21am

Hello im very interested in joining this clan i play fortnite and i have 183 wins 4.90 kd you can message me no discord Har #9344 or email me at [email protected] and i am 13 years old :)


10th Jul 2019 - 8:13am

Plz Read the whole thing. I am a 14 year old competitive non toxic fortnite player who consistently wins scrims, custom matchmaking and wagers. I watched your YouTube videos and looked at all the other clans but something about this clan made me feel like it would go further. I would like to be a part of that. Pls consider me and dm me back if you are willing to try me out. I would gladly show you what I can do. My email is [email protected] and my discord is DL16 #0449,
pls get back to me, thank you

Cosmic SN1P3Z

30th Jun 2019 - 9:42am

Hey would like to join your clan and I’m a great Fortnite just look at my bio and my Fortnite/Xbox name is Cosmic SN1P3Z.

Message my account if accepted