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Mission Statement

A charity clan that will be hosting Charity Events on stream. Looking for a minimum of two full Rainbow Six Siege PC, EU teams that are committed to playing on select dates to put on a show for charity. You can be on other clans to, to focus on competitive game play but we are a clan that are playing to have fun not to rage or argue. Join to speak to me for information. This is a long term project and you are joining a family, in the long run i look to grow the clan to be a global family that put on multiple events worldwide and use our players in those events.

Requirements :

- Be fun

- No rage

- No swearing

We are on EU servers but if you are from else where join as we are looking to expand to be global !!

We are not asking for a lot from our players and we aren't competitive so you can still play with your friends we will need to play once or twice as a team to see if it works and to get an idea if we will work well as a team not in the games but for the people watching, if we are fun to watch, if we can all have a laugh etc.

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19th May 2020 - 1:56pm

Hello! I would love to do this, especially to help charity! My name is Kian Or Ocean. I am a semi-pro fortnite player who has 2500+ points in arena, A k/d of 4.2, A win rate of 3.00%, and 7,030 kills. I have been playing since season 2 and a half, and have many OG skins (not that it matters). I like to play Box fights, 1v1s, Scrims, Arena, Solo-Squads and Tournaments. I play in tournaments every Sunday. I do not play in fortnite created tournaments because I do not have 2FA. I play in wagers, customs and scrims. I have £40 in earnings and I am making my way to earning more. I am a hybrid player, I play on PS4 And PC. I am very advanced on PS4, But I am very good on PC too. I can do high-ground retakes and I can hit consistent headshots. I can also edit incredibly fast. I am looking for a clan who is supportive of others, non-toxic and growing. My epic username does not work with some people if they want to add me, I am not sure as to why this is but I will try and figure it out. My epic and PS4 username are: PC_Ocean. If you would like to contact me, contact me via email. My email is [email protected]. No spam or unnecessary email.  I will leave my twitch link under this. My Twitch: