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Chaos Clan

Mission Statement

INTRO: We are the Chaos Clan, a new Fortnite clan. We are currently looking for all roles, which include: executive directors, directors, division leaders, editors, designers, and of course players! All players receive custom clan logos. 

REQUIREMENTS FOR FORTNITE PLAYERS: If you are applying to be a casual player, you must meet these requirements: you must play on PC, XBOX, and PS4. You must also have a 1.5KD+, and access to discord and a mic (you can also download discord on IOS and Android). To be a Casual Elite players you must have a 2.0 KD+ and to be a Comp. player, you must have a 4.0 KD+ and must be scheduled for tryouts.If you dont have a discord account get one here:

REQUIREMENTS FOR CS:GO PLAYERS: To become a CS:GO competitive player, you must be tried out by the team leader, must have 400+ hours played on CS:GO, you also just to be good overall at the game, being good with most guns, and playing well in stressful situations, will get you in the team. we are currently looking for: AWP'ers, Scouts, Lerkers, and Bench Players. If you are looking to join the CS:GO Competitve team, private message r1ckster.#1738 on discord

REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL DIRECTORS: Directors must know the basics on how a clan runs and how to run social media and keep others in order. Apply by messaging the Founder on discord: AmazingChaosYT#0001 when applying you must state why you want the rank, how you are qualified to become a director.

APPLY HERE: (do ?join in mainchat to apply)


Also be a tru daddie and upvote us👌

New teamtage:



We are looking for clans to rival against pm AmazingChaosYT#0001 for more.



3rd Sep 2018 - 8:55pm

Fortnite/epicgame IGN: Talen0503

Discord Tag: Talen#4507

KDR Season 5: 2.1

Age: almost 15

Server: NAW

let me join :3


15th Sep 2018 - 6:07pm

Hello! I am a very skilled Fortnite player. Recently I have been looking for clans and found this website. My stats are at 

My Fortnite IGN is: xd UnitaryTag

My K/D lifetime is: 1.12

I play on NA-East servers

I don't have Discord but I can talk in game with a mic.

I will change my name if I get added into the clan



24th Aug 2018 - 11:44pm

I would like to join this clan as a casual player. I have 50+ Wins and I have a 1.1 kd

(Last time I checked) I hope that's enough. I also have access to discord and a mic.

I also hope I get to play with other members

Name CatchallJoker97 on Xbox One


One last thing what do I put in front of my name to show that I'm in the clan



17th Aug 2018 - 6:09am

I Wanna Play Competitive Im A really Good Player but only a 2.66 K.D I can prove Myself those I have 400+Wins 16k Kills I can also Edit Videos YT:KidsWithNoDads Xbox One GT:xXWildxXxfireXx


15th Aug 2018 - 8:17am

I would like to join this clan as i have a 2.04 kd and want to play with other people who are good at the game aswell. have 100+ wins in total


10th Aug 2018 - 1:20am

Hey man, just joined your discord, saw you guys on Looking for clan. Looks like a great clan, is there any chance I may be able to join the Casual team I have a 1.14 Season 5 kdr and are looking to play in a great & fun community. My ign is Oryox if you want to look up my stats (I have only started to improve in Season 5) My discord name is Oryox #7768


24th Jul 2018 - 10:39pm

hey there, looking for a more serious clan, rather then just playing with friends 2.3KD this season with just random friends and random guys

Fallen Nebula

11th Aug 2018 - 11:16pm

Hi, I'm new to this website and don't know how to make a comment so I will just reply to you. I play PS4 and Switch, I think that joining this clan would be a great opportunity to be able to play with nice people either competitively or casually. And I meet the other requirements you have set. Please add me on PS4 "Fallen_Nebula7" if you would like me to join.


24th Jul 2018 - 3:15am

Hey i have a 2.30 kd but honestly it could be a 3.00 kd if i didnt mess around i can make it a 3.00 kd in a couple of weeks can i join i would love to play competitvely 


2nd Jul 2018 - 9:23pm

@everyone, We have updated the way to join our clan. You must now message the owner on discord to apply, this seems to be an easier method. 


25th Jun 2018 - 12:36am

Hey I just registered. How long until someone emails me saying that I've joined? 


23rd Jun 2018 - 9:50pm

Yo! Just submitted my application, Just wondering will the response come in my email that i entered? Thanks! and my fortnite name is Fortnutters but the o is Greek so dont get my stats messed up with the actual Fortnutters


21st Jun 2018 - 8:07am

I registered yesterday and didn't respond or added me on discord or informate me that I'm not accepted.How much time is it approximate to 1 admin respond?