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In Cay6e We Trust

Mission Statement


We’re a clan of dedicated players who love diving deep into the endgame and investing into challenging activities together. We raid multiple times a week and organize everything through discord and a weekly raid sign up sheet. Our most important rules are centered around being decent guardians to each other while having a good time. Maturity and a healthy community is key here. We are 21+ so most of us have jobs, are in college and have life commitments. That said, many of us still have thousands of hours invested and are always looking for more dedicated guardians to play with.

What we’re looking for:

We’re looking to deepen our hardcore group of guardians with players who are willing to interact with us via discord, raid and play all other endgame activities. We’re primarily PvE though we do play plenty of PvP. A number of us definitely plan on going hard once trials comes back. We also have a loose 2 month play time requirement. There’s usually some leeway here but generally we ask that you be active in game. If you’re NOT looking to be that active in discord or just want to be in a clan with minimal inclusion, that’s fine but this probably isn’t the place for you. But if you’re someone who is looking to invest time into the endgame and be a part of our community, we definitely got a spot with your name on it!

If you’re interested in joining our clan you can request to join here:

- 21+
- 2 month playtime requirement


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