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"Casual" Gaming

Mission Statement

Once a Overwatch community over 1000 strong, "Casual" Gaming is rebuilding from the ground up as a multi-platform gaming community. No matter what game you love or what you play it on, we strive to create a community for all gamers. 

Our mission is to grow a tight knit and active gaming community where people of all ages and choice of platform can come together, talk about their passion, and play games. The community is brand new and looking for active members willing to take a leadership role and help this clan grow.



**I can't stress this enough, but you will get out of this COMMUNITY what you put into it. If you join post one message or never say a word then nothing will come of it, so hangout in the voice lounge, join groups, and be a part of growing this COMMUNITY.**


**This is a multi game, multi platform gaming COMMUNITY, currently based in NA EST so keep that in mind when joining.**

Requirements to join:

- Working Mic

- Discord (console gamers you must use discord)

- Non-toxic and friendly

-no clan tag or application required.

If you'd like to join our ranks follow the link below. Hope to see you there!


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3rd Nov 2018 - 8:48am

Can you please tell me how to use Discord on PS4? Doesn't seem it's available on that platform. Thanks.