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Can't Even

Mission Statement

Hello and welcome to Can't Even!

We aim to bring people who love to play multiple games together to be able to find groups and friends with the same interests. Our main roster is on Discord, but we also have individual game rosters on certain games as well as a roster on Guilded. We are a casual group that loves to crack jokes as we play, but we also get into some more serious gameplay when needed. If this sounds like a group that you'd like to play games with, feel free to join us on Discord. All voice channels are a free join policy (meaning you may join any channel you wish to join in on current gaming sessions).



  • Streamer and Youtuber friendly. We have a dedicated channel where you can share and get support from the community. Be sure to read the rules on posting!
  • Giveaways
  • Holiday Events
  • Vast Selection of Multiplayer and Co-op Gamers
  • Verified Guild on!

Thank you for reading!




P.S.: Thank you for upvoting <3


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